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Audit and Assurance

What is auditing?


Auditing is the statutory process of reviewing a company’s accounting, administration and financial statements. The audit process covers the accounting and administration for the entire financial year as well as ensures that the financial statements prepared at the end of the financial year give a true and fair view of the company’s finances. Our audits are carried out based on a predetermined plan and scheduled flexibly according to the wishes of the client.

During the audit process we report our findings to our client in a timely manner and in a way that is best suitable for them. The end product of an audit is the auditor’s report, which is a confirmation to the shareholders and other stakeholders that the financial statements of the company give a true and fair view of its financial position and performance.

A consultative approach to auditing


The auditor is also a trustworthy sparring partner for the entrepreneur or company management at different stages of the company’s life cycle. The strength of our staff of dedicated professionals lies in working with a broad range of businesses of various sizes and from different industries.

Truly understanding the business and its operational environment are key to a successful cooperation and audit. This approach also gives us the opportunity to identify potential areas of improvement in the company’s financial administration practices or control environment. We can also provide support on questions related to for instance mapping of business processes, improving the control environment, organising bookkeeping and preventing misconducts. We also offer advice concerning the preparation of group consolidated financial statements.

We value ongoing and transparent communication. This allows us to add value by focusing on what really matters to your business, while helping to develop and improve your processes. Continuous communication between parties builds trust and ensures a smooth audit process.

Assurance services


Assurance services are other services provided by the auditor that are not part of statutory auditing. Any procedures resembling audits are agreed upon separately between the auditor, the client and a possible third party. The procedures can also be defined by a regulatory authority or an industry representative.

Examples of these types of assurance services are audits of different projects and grants or contributions (e.g. Business Finland and other public subsidies) and providing reports related to these audits.

We also provide other auditor’s statements and certificates e.g. related to situations under the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act such as share issues, mergers and demergers.

Special audits


The special audit, as stated in the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, serves to protect a minority shareholder. According to the Act, a shareholder may apply to the relevant State Provincial Office for an order to have a special audit carried out. Provisions regarding special audits are also laid down in the Housing Companies Act and several other acts.

Companies themselves can also commission a special audit, whereupon the scope of the special audit is defined together with the representatives of the company. Special audits are typically conducted when an employee or a manager of the company is suspected of misconduct or fraud and the company wants an independent, outside party to examine the events.

A special audit usually examines a clearly defined area of an organisation's activities and focuses on certain specifically determined details. A report including the auditor’s conclusions is provided at the end of a special audit.

Our professionals have strong experience in performing special audits, and we conduct them according to our client’s preferences and as efficiently as possible.

What can we do for you?


With questions concerning audit and assurance services, please contact Hanna Manelius, CEO, APA.

Sara Mäkilä, Senior Manager, APA can provide more information regarding special audits.  We are happy to help you with any questions concerning all our services.

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