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Company Law

Assistance in the early stages – establishing a company


Doing business begins with establishing a company. The decisions that have to be made when establishing a company have to do with ownership structure, share capital, the industry in question and potentially deciding on the content of a shareholders’ agreement. We assist with the practical, juridical and tax-related issues of establishing a company and, if necessary, prepare the required documents and declarations for public authorities on your behalf.

Share issues and stock options plans


Share issues are natural events during the growth phase of a company. With a share issue, it is possible for a limited liability company to change its ownership structure or gain additional capital. Share issues and stock options plans can also be a way to incentivise, retain, and attract employees.

Carrying out a share issue requires careful planning and knowledge of the Limited Liability Companies Act so that all decisions are made in accordance with the law. We offer advice ranging from planning to execution and, if necessary, assist with preparing any documents, such as meeting minutes or declarations for public authorities, in relation to share issues. Our services also include assisting with filings to the trade register.

Can we help you with company law?


Call, email or send us a message through the contact form, and we will be happy to discuss the matter further with you!

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