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Incentivisation Structures

Incentivisation as a tool for strategy fulfillment


Long- and short-term incentive programmes are designed to guide employee action and encourage activities that help a company reach its strategic goals and create value for the owners. Well-designed incentive programmes should also increase the employees’ commitment to the company and its targets. An incentive programme needs to be sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing circumstances whether those changes occur over time or unexpectedly. 


There are many aspects to consider when designing a new incentive programme, many of which can have far-reaching impacts. A poorly designed programme can have unintended consequences, or it can promote unwanted activities, and changing an incentive programme that has already been implemented can be very difficult or impossible. 

Incentive programme advisory


We help our clients design and implement long- and short-term incentive programmes that serve their needs and help them reach their targets in the best possible way, while maintaining flexibility.

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