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Other Advisory

We also offer our clients some general advisory services, either as a broader package or tailored to our clients’ specific needs. As an example, we offer advisory services related to developing the work of the Board of Directors, or to improving management and Board reporting.

Board advisory

A well-functioning Board of Directors with the right competence adds value to a company. A good Board supports the company management and acts as a discussion partner in developing and guiding strategy, without neglecting the statutory and regulatory governance and control duties.

We have extensive practical experience in Board work and building Boards, as well as the best practices employed especially by private equity investors. We help our clients develop their Board of Directors, whether it means building an external Board for the first time or developing the practices and functionality of an existing Board.

Management reporting


Internal reporting should serve as a support for managing the company. Good reporting should aim to provide leading indicators for performance instead of only measuring what has already happened. Often management reporting can also be too slow and cumbersome, while a faster based more focused reporting structure would be more appropriate. Reporting should also clearly be focused on measuring what is meaningful for the management and monitoring of the business. 

We help our clients develop their internal reporting, identify what are the relevant measures and key performance indicators for their business, and develop practices for the application of reporting in managing the business.

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