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Our team consists of service-minded professionals.

Hill Audit, Helsinki


Managing Partner, APA

Partner, APA

Audit Manager, M.Econ.

Audit Manager, M.Econ.


Auditor, M.Econ.


Chairman of the Board, APA

Partner, APA


Audit Manager, M.Econ.


Senior Auditor, M.Econ.


Partner, APA

Senior Manager, HT

Audit Manager, M.Econ.


Senior Auditor, M.Econ.

Auditor, BBA


Finance and Administration Manager


Office Coordinator

Hill Advisory, Helsinki



Hill Audit, Tampere

Partner, APA

Senior Advisor, HT


Audit Manager, M.Econ.


Senior Auditor, M.Econ.


Auditor, B.Econ.


Päivi Rönkkö

Managing Partner, APA

paivi.ronkko@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 772 3738  |  Linkedin

I’ve been privileged to see the growth and development of Hill Audit since day one, and nowadays I’m one of the partners of the company. In October 2017 I had the opportunity to challenge myself when I became the CEO of Hill Audit. Along with being a CEO, I also work actively with our audit clients and with different consulting assignments.


During my time at Hill Audit I’ve worked on various types of client projects, and I enjoy being an all-encompassing supporter for entrepreneurs. Before Hill Audit I worked in a big international audit firm serving both big and small clients. I’ve been in the audit industry for over ten years now.


Family and friends are close to my heart and I spend most of my free time with them. I’m a keen animal lover, and one of my family members is an old English Toy Terrier. Every now and then I book a trip abroad or to my hometown of Rovaniemi. My biggest dream is to travel to Australia one day. Travel broadens the mind!

Lauri Mäki

Chairman of the Board, Founder, APA

lauri.maki@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 508 1718  |  Linkedin


I founded Hill Audit Oy in 2010, and for a while it was just a small company with two employees. I’ve had the privilege to see the company grow as talented experts joined our team one after another.  After graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics in 2002 I left my job in an accounting firm to make a career as an auditor in a big international audit firm. Nowadays my working days at Hill Audit consist of a wide range of assignments: helping clients to execute mergers and acquisitions, tax consulting, performing valuations of businesses, and, naturally, statutory audit procedures.


The best things about my work are the wonderful colleagues and the feeling I get from helping our clients. Nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied client who expresses their gratitude after a challenging project.


I like to act as an instructor, and it gives me great pleasure to see the know-how of a person increasing. I’ve lectured on consolidated financial statements at Aalto University School of Business for several years. I also provide training sessions on different topics from the fields of accounting, legislation, and auditing. I’m one of the authors of a book concerning the special matters of consolidated financial statements (Konsernitilinpäätöksen erityiskysymyksiä) published by ST-Akatemia. 


In my free time I spend time with my family and do different sports. I like to spend time in nature, and in the summer I take it easy at my summer cottage in Vaasa.


Fredrik Bäck

Partner, APA

fredrik.back@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 50 525 5078  |  Linkedin


I’ve worked with the warm-hearted Hill Audit family since 2016. Before joining the company I gained experience in the field of financial administration and also worked in a big international auditing firm for a few years.

At Hill Audit my tasks include auditing and helping clients with various juridical and tax-related questions. In addition, I’ve gained extensive experience from Business Finland assignments and in transactional advisory services. I’m ready and able to help out with any question, big or small, and can also provide services in Swedish.

I spent my childhood in Kirkkonummi and moved to Helsinki in 2006 to study at the Hanken School of Economics. Currently I live in Espoo with my family. To maintain a healthy work-life balance I potter around in the garden, do sports, and cook and enjoy tasty food and wine with my family and friends. You can also find me on the floorball court wearing goalkeeper gear.


Petteri Lagus

Partner, APA

petteri.lagus@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 50 598 1863  |  Linkedin


I started working at Hill Audit in January 2017 after having worked as an audit professional in a big-four audit firm for five years. Before entering the world of auditing I was an entrepreneur and owned a small gym for several years. Due to my experiences as an entrepreneur I know it’s very important to consult my clients proactively. I feel like I’ve succeeded when my clients express their gratitude for my work.


In addition to statutory audit procedures, my working days consist of helping clients with different accounting, juridical, and tax-related questions. My client portfolio includes both big companies and small start-up firms, so I have a broad view of the business activities and processes of different kinds of companies. I also lecture regularly at clients’ internal training events and in ST-Akatemia training events.


I spend my free time mainly with my family and my children’s hobbies. I’m an assistant coach of my son’s ice hockey team, so most evenings I can be found at the side of the ice rink. Our family has a passion for hiking, and I can warmly recommend the Torronsuo national park!


Antti Tuomola

Partner, APA

antti.tuomola@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 547 6675  |  Linkedin


I work as an auditor at Hill Audit and I’ve been in the industry since 2007. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to assist customers from various backgrounds and industries. I have an extensive knowledge of the laws on accounting and auditing, and you can approach me if you have any questions relating to, for example, taxation or consolidated financial statements.


Companies go through different stages during their life cycle, and I want to assist the customer comprehensively during these important milestones and help them to solve juridical and tax-related questions.


Spectator sports and exercising are something that give me great joy. You can find me on the football field playing, or standing on the sidelines cheering for younger family members. To balance out my quite sporty life I’m also keen on quality wines and beers, and have established a small brewery together with some friends.   

Tiina Taimisalo

Senior Manager, HT

tiina.taimisalo@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 159 7655

Introduction coming soon.


Sara Mäkilä

Audit Manager, M.Econ.

sara.makila@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 44 079 8082  |  Linkedin


I became part of Hill Audit's sunny team in January 2019. Before that, I have gained experience from international audit firm since 2014. During my career I have worked as an audit expert in different size companies operating in various industries. I have graduated from the Turku School of Economics and my major was finance and accounting and long minor was business law. 

In addition of statutory audit, my work includes also consulting our clients in accounting and corporate law issues and developing internal business processes. I like my job because I can be in contact with people and especially assignments which add value for the customers and develop customer business truly motivates me.

I’m very social, and I spent my free time mainly with my family, friends and hobbies. I love animals and at home I have a cat named Vilpertti, rescued from the nature as a kitten. Next trip abroad I usually start plan already before I have properly returned home from a latest trip and my dream is to travel around the world someday.


Anna-Kreetta Pentti

Audit Manager, M.Econ.

anna-kreetta.pentti@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 554 8845  |  Linkedin

I joined the Hill Audit team in January 2018. My main tasks include auditing and helping clients with various juridical and tax-related questions. I also have experience in the field of transactional advisory services, such as providing due diligence reports and valuations. Problem solving and adding value to clients’ businesses are important to me and motivate me in my job.

I completed my studies at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, where I majored in accounting. During the past five years I’ve gained work experience in financial administration and auditing while working in an international auditing company.

In my free time I enjoy different types of sport activities, for example dancing to dancehall reggae and yoga. I also enjoy cooking.



Hanna Manelius

Senior Auditor, M.Econ.

hanna.manelius@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 596 2383  |  Linkedin

I joined the Hill Audit community in January 2018 and have worked in the field of auditing and financial administration since 2013. I’m very energetic and always eager to grow my expertise. The best features of my job are the continuous possibilities to learn and challenge myself, and the daily varying tasks. I enjoy assignments where I can help the client out in a tangible way, such as helping companies to hand over businesses from one generation to another and assisting clients to improve their business processes.


My goal is to shatter the stereotype that auditing is monotonous and consists of browsing receipts in a small basement with piles of binders and papers. In my opinion auditing is a perfect combination of socializing and networking with clients and co-workers, and continuous personal development. 


In my free time I enjoy sweating at the CrossFit gym or getting some fresh air in a quiet forest. I also like to organize events and activities. Recently I have tried to encourage my colleagues to do exercises during breaks in the working day.


Lotta Nukari

Senior Auditor, KTM

lotta.nukari@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 520 9052  |  Linkedin

My journey at Hill Audit began in January 2018. Before that I worked in an international audit firm for a few years. I completed my master’s degree at the University of Vaasa, where I majored in accounting and auditing.

In addition to statutory audit procedures, my daily tasks include helping clients with various juridical, accounting, and tax-related questions. I also perform transaction advisory services, special audits, and Business Finland assignments. For me it’s important to consider the needs of different kinds of clients, and I find it highly motivating to be able to add value to a client’s business.

I enjoy traveling and the warmth of the sun, so every now and then I pack my suitcase and go for a holiday. Lately I’ve also become interested in yoga, so a yoga trip somewhere far away is my dream. Namaste!

I'm on maternity leave.


Satu Savolainen

Senior Auditor, M.Econ.

satu.savolainen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 44 519 4626  |  Linkedin


Introduction coming soon.


Malla Tomminen

Senior Auditor, M.Econ.

malla.tomminen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 188 1344  |  Linkedin

Introduction coming soon.


Kitty Räihä

Auditor, M.Econ.

kitty.raiha@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 594 2604  |  Linkedin


I started out as a trainee at Hill Audit in the spring of 2019, before which I worked in financial administration and insurance. I am currently studying at Åbo Akademi School of Business and Economics where I major in accounting with a minor in commercial law. I spent the last autumn semester in the state of New York where I completed a minor in Financial Forensics and Fraud Investigation. I am about to complete my master’s degree and am currently finishing my master’s thesis. Through my studies, I became interested in auditing and consulting.  

I work with statutory audits, and have gotten the chance to work on a wide range of assignments. Already within the first couple of weeks of working here, I got to work on my own audits. For me it is important to get to help clients in an ever-changing and growing field and to help tackle their most significant challenges. The team spirit at Hill Audit is wonderful, and I have really enjoyed myself here, especially as my work is continuously supported and encouraged by very capable colleagues. Learning and developing in my job has been fast, and I encounter something new every day. 


I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends. I love sports, and like to start the day by going for a run. In addition, I like spending time at the summer cottage in Ahvenanmaa. 


Maarit Sarkkinen

Auditor, BBA

maarit.sarkkinen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 50 357 0976  |  Linkedin


I became a part of the enthusiastic team of Hill Audit in September 2019. Before making the move into the interesting world of auditing, I worked for several years in the retail sector. I enjoy working in auditing because I get to continuously challenge and develop myself. I have a wide-ranging interest in auditing, and I'm especially interested in statutory auditing and corporate taxation. In the near future, I plan on taking the HT examination to become an HT-certified auditor. 

I spend my free time mostly with my children and my friends. When I’m not at the playground, you can find me running at a jogging trail or enjoying a stand-up comedy show. Animals are also close to my heart, and I dream of one day having my own dog.

Katja Sinkkonen

Finance and Administration Manager

katja.sinkkonen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 50 556 0781  


Introduction coming soon.


Viivi Ahtiainen

Office Coordinator

viivi.ahtiainen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 640 2757  |  Linkedin

I have been a part of the Hill Audit team since March 2019. I started out as a part-time worker and have since become a full-time employee. I am responsible for running the day-to-day life of the office and I will probably be the first one you meet when you arrive at the office. Next to office chores, I also help out with the marketing and communications side of Hill Audit. Sometimes I am accompanied by our official office dog Valma, who makes sure that I take little breaks while working. 

I spend my evenings walking Valma and teaching her NoseWork, or searching for scents. You can also find me high-fiving at the Training for Warriors gym or indoor climbing at Salmisaari. I'm also passionate about food and coffee, and I'll be more than happy to brew you a great cup of Aeropress coffee at the office!


Risto Mäkinen

Partner, APA

risto.makinen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 44 363 5000  |  Linkedin


I joined the Hill Audit team in autumn 2019. Before this, I worked as an entrepreneur in our family company that became part of Hill after a business transfer. We realized that the values and working methods of our two companies were a great match and decided to continue on together, building anew on a shared foundation. Earlier in my career, I have also worked in auditing for an international auditing community and, since 2006, as an expert in other financial administrative areas as well. While working, I also completed my studies at the University of Vaasa.

My work consists of statutory auditing, company reorganization and advising in matters of tax law and corporate law. I also regularly deal with insolvency issues, such as bankruptcy audits and audit reports under the debt restructuring law. My client base consists of both entrepreneur-driven SMEs as well as crowdfunded startups. I am also a guest lecturer in auditing at the University of Vaasa.

My free time is spent with my family and hobbies. I am especially keen on being active out in the nature, and my favourite hobbies are off-piste skiing and mountain biking. You can also find me rock climbing, or cross-country skiing in the winter. It’s not always all about speed and heights for me, either - sometimes it’s great to just venture out into the nearby forest and wonder at the beauty of Finland’s nature. 


Martti Mäkinen

Senior Advisor, HT

martti.makinen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 44 528 6612


I became a part of the growing and dynamic community of Hill Audit after a business transfer in the autumn of 2019. Before this, I worked as an entrepreneur for 20 years serving a large clientele mostly in the regions of Pirkanmaa, South Ostrobothnia and Central Finland, the last few years of which I worked together with my son. After the transfer, we are capable of taking on even more challenging assignments and serving our clients more flexibly than before.


My background is in financing, and from there I made the move into auditing in the mid-90’s. I passed my HT examination in auditing while working as a bank manager. Then I founded a company focusing on auditing, business consultancy, accounting, property management, brokerage and probate court mandates. In time, however, the role of auditing and business consultancy grew so greatly that it became time to let go of the other activities. 


My long experience with financing and entrepreneurship has provided me with a firm foundation for auditing and business consulting. I feel that I have been able to provide my clients with added value for their activities and support for their plans without forgetting critical feedback where it has been necessary. It is especially important to me that a client feels they are being heard, so that they are properly understood and a trust is being built. A kind and constructive attitude towards clients, colleagues and others is one of my main principles.


I spend my free time exercising, going to the cottage and reading good books. History and the biographies of significant people in particular offer insightful reading experiences. A winter break in Lapland has also been a part of my annual agenda for years.


Mia Kulmala-Teiskonen

Audit Manager, M.Econ.

mia.kulmala@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 400 636 401


I became a part of Hill Audit after a business transfer in the autumn of 2019. Before this, since 2017, I worked in a small family-owned auditing firm where I got the chance to conduct different auditing assignments in an independent manner together with an efficient team. In my current job, I am able to serve our clients with even more versatility with the whole of the Hill Audit community’s expertise behind me. 


Before moving into auditing, I worked for a long time both in international public companies as well as in a family business that enjoyed strong growth in the technology industry. In addition to group accounting, I also have practical experience in developing controller function and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning, as well as in business restructuring. What interests me about auditing is the chance to learn about businesses from many different fields and how they operate on a deep level, and being there to support the entrepreneurs through varied tasks and assignments, as part of an accomplished organisation of experts.


I spend my free time closely with my family, supporting the hobbies of my children. I have studied and worked abroad for many years, and getting to know different cultures is still of great interest to me. Planning and going on family trips brings joy to my busy day-to-day life.  

Vuokko Sivula

Senior Auditor, M.Econ.

vuokko.sivula@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 40 047 6096 |  Linkedin


I joined the skilled Hill Audit team in April 2020. Before that, I have worked several years in a big international auditing firm and most recently as a controller in a large healthcare company. 

I have graduated from the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics in 2013. In addition to my work I also study a Master’s degree in law at the University of Eastern Finland. I work with statutory audits but my tasks also include consulting our clients in accounting, corporate law and tax related issues. I have also gained experience in Business Finland assignments.

I love sports, especially cross country skiing and running, but nowadays you can also find me at the Crossfit gym.


Ronja Saarinen

Auditor, B.Econ.

ronja.saarinen@hillaudit.fi  |  +358 50 413 5853  |  Linkedin


Introduction coming soon. 


Jussi Salokangas

CEO, Hill Advisory Oy

jussi.salokangas@hilladvisory.fi  |  +358 40 668 8460 |  Linkedin


I started as the CEO of Hill Advisory when the company was founded in 2019 for the Hill companies to expand our service offering to include a broader scope of advisory services. 

Before my current position I’ve worked for nearly 20 years in the private equity industry. After graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics in 2002, I spent the first 15 years of my career in London and Stockholm, working for international private equity funds. Prior to joining Hill, I was the Chief Investment Officer for Hartwall Capital in Helsinki. As a result of my private equity background I also have significant Board experience, cumulatively I’ve spent 30 years on the Board of Directors of 10 different companies, spanning different geographies and industries. 

At Hill Advisory working closely with clients allows me to leverage my practical experience to their benefit. I especially enjoy the variation in the assignments and challenges that we tackle together with our clients, no two days are alike. The project nature of the work is also rewarding, the impact and the value-added to clients from successful projects is clearly observable. 

I try to stay active in my free time, during the summer I spend time sailing racing and playing golf, while in the winter I go to the gym and enjoy wind tunnel flying. 

Trust your figures.

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