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Strategic Advisory

Ownership strategy


A clear ownership strategy crystallises the owners’ goals that guide the development and actions of the company, as well as ensures that the various owners have a joint view on the future of the company. In family-owned companies, an ownership strategy is often also needed in order to clarify the governance structure and the roles of family members in the business.


Whether the long-term goal of the owners is to transfer the business to the next generation or to sell the company, a clearly communicated ownership strategy enables actions to be taken that best serve achieving those goals efficiently.

Corporate strategy


The purpose of a corporate strategy is to guide the actions of the company towards reaching longer term goals or the vision of the business. At its core, corporate strategy deals with the allocation of scarce resources to where they most efficiently drive the company towards reaching its strategic goals. Strategy is not only about deciding what to do, it is also about making choices of what not to do.


Despite its long-term orientation, strategy should not be a static plan, it should be developed and refined continuously to reflect the development of the business and changes in the operating environment. The practical implementation of strategy within the organisation and the structured monitoring of the development and actions taken to fulfill the strategic goals are also essential components of a successful corporate strategy.

We provide our customers with comprehensive support in relation to strategic questions, and together find a tailored solution that best serves our customers’ needs. We can for example help our customers in strategy development, in evaluating the feasibility of different strategic alternatives, or in building structured tools for monitoring strategy implementation.

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