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Tax Consulting

The benefits of tax planning


Tax provisions are constantly changing and understanding the implications of the changes requires time and resources. If you have questions regarding taxation, our experts can help your business in finding the most optimal solutions for various tax questions, whether it be daily taxation issues or questions concerning more fundamental changes in company or ownership structure. With the help of careful and forward-looking tax planning, it is possible to mitigate and prevent tax risks, such as tax increases or other penalty charges.

We assist with tax planning and the coordination of taxation between the company and its owners. We can for instance help you assess the tax consequences of certain procedures already in advance, before making and committing to decisions.


Support with interpreting the Value-Added Tax Act

Interpreting the sections of the Value-Added Tax Act and handling value added taxes in bookkeeping can be a source of confusion. We assist with any problems regarding the interpretation of value added tax laws and offer advice on defining the appropriate way of documenting value added taxes.


Carefully considering value-added taxation questions is especially important in certain industries, such as the restaurant or construction industry and in the international sale of goods and services.

Support for filing income tax returns

Filing a company’s income tax return correctly and on time can have an impact on the taxes paid by the company.  The correctness of the income tax return is also important, since it affects the personal taxation of a company’s owners when dividends are distributed. 


We can assist you with drafting your income tax returns or ensure the validity of the tax return before it is sent to prevent any potential amendment or correction requests or unexpected additional taxes.


Ownership transfers, applications and requirements


With business ownership transfers and generational changes in family-owned businesses, tax questions must be considered not only in relation to the business in question but also regarding the transferor and transferee. Our experts plan and execute ownership transfers from one generation to another and other cases related to the taxation of individuals in close cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders.

We can also help with preparing claims for adjustment, preliminary ruling and exemption applications and petitions of appeal to the tax authority.

Can we help you with taxation?

With any tax-related questions, please contact Antti Tuomola, Partner, KHT.

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