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Training and Consulting

Training in different sectors of financial administration


We organise training tailored to your needs on topics such as accounting of fixed assets, specific questions concerning the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Accounting Act and preparation of group consolidated financial statements. The topics and scope of the training is designed together with the client.

In addition to our business clients, we are also actively involved in training for example at different accounting firms and training organised by ST-Akatemia.


Examples of previous training topics:

  • Group accounting

  • Limited Liability Companies Act

  • Accounting and taxation of non-current assets

  • Preparing consolidated financial statements

  • The basics of financial statements

IFRS consulting services

For publicly traded companies, financial statements must be prepared in accordance with IFRS standards. Other companies can choose to comply with IFRS standards voluntarily.

Implementing IFRS standards is challenging and requires companies to adopt accounting and valuation principles that comply with the standards and to understand the requirements for the notes to the financial statements. For companies planning on implementing IFRS reporting, we can offer our expertise for instance with planning the IFRS conversion and with mapping out processes and systems of reporting. We also assist with preparing the IFRS financial statements.

New IFRS standards are published regularly and the standards are constantly evolving. We can help companies assess the effects of future changes in the standards on their reporting requirements or organise tailored training sessions regarding the IFRS standards.

In a potential public market listing situation, we act as an active consultant in juridical matters and with issues concerning the rules and regulations of the stock exchange. Together with our partner network, we can help with the entire listing process, from beginning to end.


How can we help you?


If you have any questions concerning our training sessions and consultation services, please contact Lauri Mäki, Chairman of the Board, APA.
We are happy to discuss the matter further with you!

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