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Valuations for every situation


Valuations of companies, business areas or assets are needed for a wide variety of purposes. Based on our extensive experience and theoretical know-how of valuation methodologies, we provide our customers with valuations that are suited to their needs.

Valuations in mergers and acquisitions


Having a solid view on the value of a company, or the relative value of the companies involved, is a key factor in acquisitions, and a fundamental valuation report is an important decision-making tool for our clients. We deliver valuation reports for use by company management, the Board of Directors or the owners, either as part of a broader acquisition advisory engagement or as a stand-alone engagement.

Valuations for financial statements


Valuations are sometimes required for financial statements, either to understand any write-down needs or to define the value of assets held. We help our clients develop the required calculations for the valuation of their assets in financial statements. 

Fair value statements


We also provide independent fair value opinions for regulatory requirements or e.g. share redemptions. 

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