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Mergers & Acquisitions

Comprehensive M&A advisory


An acquisition is always a significant decision for a company and its owners. We help our clients execute acquisitions or disposals efficiently, with the minimum of disturbance to their ongoing business and its needs. Every transaction is unique and we always tailor our services to best fit the client’s needs and preferences, whether it be an acquisition or sale of a whole company, a part of a company or a line of business.

Project management is key in transactions


Transactions are often complex processes in which forward planning, project management and coordination are key to achieving the best possible result. Based on our extensive experience, we can identify the most significant risks and bottlenecks in processes already in advance and ensure a smooth and efficient process. We take overall responsibility for the project management and coordination of a transaction process, allowing our clients to focus on the decision making and the requirements of their ongoing business.

Tailored services


Based on our client’s need, in connection with acquisitions or disposals, we can also provide advisory services and assistance in e.g. the negotiation of terms, financing structures, building business plans and post-acquisition integration planning. Together with Hill Audit, we also provide financial and tax due diligence studies in connection with transactions.

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